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Thursday, February 16, 2017

I found myself daydreaming the other day- reminiscing about my all time favorite blogger, Leslie Sisti @ a blonde ambition blog. God rest her soul. Leslie passed away summer of 2015. I miss reading her posts. I remembered I admired  her confessions and the linkup of Confessional Friday. While, I wont be in any link up, I think I am going to start doing some confessions on Friday in her honor and call my posts, These are my confessions!

{Did any one else read that blog title and immediately start singing Confessions Pt. 2 by Usher??- No? Just me? I sing it every. single. time.}

that I love the Kid's Baking Championship tv show on Food Network. If you would have told me my new fav TV show would be Kid's Baking, I would have told you that you were crazy. Guess what? It's my new favorite, and I am not even a really big TV person lately. Reagan introduced me to this while she was home sick from school. Kullen, Reagan & I watched every episode on the Food Network app on our firestick. It is so neat to see what these kids create and goodgollygee I just love the hosts, Duff Goldman and Valerie Bertinelli. I think watching these kids her age cook and bake is sparking Reagan to become more confident in her baking skills. I do believe she may have found a new hobby.

that I got my new oils in and   Dun. dun. dun..............I LOVE THEM! I used my photography earnings and I ended up going with Eden's Garden Oils. They are still a 100% therapeutic grade oil, there is no multi-marketing mumbo jumbo, they have kid blends in the formulas I need for my kiddos and the price point better suited my budget. (Nothing against those companies at all, just weren't for me at this time, although there are a few YL blends I would like to try) I ordered two diffusers this one and this one from and the oils directly from the company. Saved a ton by doing this! I'd say my total in all was under $100. It is too early to really give a good review, but Ill keep you guys posted on my thoughts. I will more than likely do an entire post on them, unboxing and review and whatnot. I will say this.....I am definitely saving money in the long run, I switched out my scentsy scents twice a week, and I had about 6 pots burning 24/7 in my house. That was atleast $10/week. Whaaa thaaa? Ain't nobody got time for that.
{soooo, if you are local and you love Scentsy products, I will be selling all my gear at a very reduced rate -my warmers, bars & etc items- hit me up if you are interested. I'd hate to just chunk them out}

that I have been facebook free for a week! Darnit, it feels so good. Facebook was too much information for me. The only way I can describe my experience with FB is it made my brain have too many tabs open all at once. Overloaded and overwhelmed at times. I loved sharing my kids and life on there but I didn't love the negativity. I could have just stayed off but as long as I had an account I would find myself mindlessly clicking on the app and browsing around. That is totally my fault, I get it. Deleting was what worked best for me. I am happy to report, life has been so much better without it. 

that my love language is makeup and I got lots of it this week. I had lunch with my favorite Aunt this week. We didn't get to meet up for my birthday because I was so busy with work and all. She is always so good to me. Really she is. She has a heart of gold. She always thinks of me and puts a lot of thoughts in her gifts. {not just for me, for everyone.} She got me all kinds of goodies that make me smile!! Including a Tarte and Two-faced eye shadow palettes. annnnd. YSL perfume {you need this in your life. It is like sunshine in a bottle!} and other little thoughtful, happies like this magazine!

that I am so looking forward to the long weekend. Cheers! to the freaking weekend! a long one at that. A weekend has never been needed more. This week has been one for the birds. Both kids were sick, and now they have passed their germs to me. I am sicker than a dog...... This momma plans to relax, catch up on sleep, begin feeling better and maybe, just maybe get her house back in order? No bets on that last one.

Even though the crud made its way to our house for Valentine's day, Adam brought home some beautiful flowers & Pizza Hut. Nothing quite says "I love you" like Pizza Hut, right? I love my guy! 

What do you guys have planned this weekend?

Have a groovy weekend, Mermaids!

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